As breeze through polish fanatics we are on a ceaseless quest for that holy place grail combination of base coat, polish and top coat that will give us extended wear and eminent gloss fall with a quick dry time and no staining ( Smurf fingers begone ). Nail industry pioneer, CND, is attempting to solve that riddle with the initiation of CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish .
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A new contract on the traditional pinpoint polish process, the CND VINYLUX system consists entirely of smash polish and top coat, no base coating required. It besides claims to deliver a stain-free intersection that dries in 8 & 1/2 minutes compressed, with a full week of wear thanks to a top coat that gets stronger when exposed to natural UV light, no lamp required. Sounds besides good to be true, doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate it ?

Formula & Application: CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish is 5-Free ( Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor ). It comes in the old school CND polish bottle ( pre-Colour & Effects ) but with the thin, flat, flexible brush from the C & E bottle. It ’ s the best of both worlds .
The polish is thin and easy to manipulate. It flows freely on the nail down with excellent pigmentation. With one luminary exception ( Electric Orange ), they all give broad coverage in two thin coats. With Electric Orange, I felt a couple pinpoint needed an extra coat to amply disguise my tips.

One of the benefits of VINYLUX is its quick dry time. The claim is that your polish is dry in 8 & 1/2 minutes. I test the theory in this quick VINYLUX application tutorial .

CND VINYLUX Electric Orange has been carried over from the now-retired Colour & Effects nail polish agate line. It was created as separate of the Primary and Secondary color lineup so it is a very true orange creme. This one is a contact more sheer than the lie of the shades I tried then I used three coats to avoid VNL ( visible nail line ) .
CND VINYLUX Gilded Pleasure is a shade shifting duo-chrome with a fortunate olive base that flashes antique gold and a pale leafy green. Due to its metallic nature, it does show some brush strokes .
CND VINYLUX Gilded Pleasure weekly nail polish swatch

CND Gilded Pleasure VINYLUX weekly nail polish swatch

CND VINYLUX Pretty Poison appears in the Shellac lineage as well. It is a moody, blackened forest hue filled with tan, gold and pot green flecks. It ’ s even more spectacular in person. A MUST-HAVE in my script !
CND VINYLUX Rock Royalty is based on a shade from the Fall 2007 Imperial Anarchy collection. It ’ sulfur one of my front-runner purples of all time. It was primitively resurrected in Shellac and now carries over to VINYLUX. The current translation is not demand replica of the master. It ’ mho dark with less shimmer, more loss in its nucleotide and a act plummy .
CND VINYLUX Rock Royalty weekly nail polish swatch

CND VINYLUX Seaside Party is a slenderly greyed, marine blue creme. It has a touch of green in its undertone to give it an aquatic feel. Along with Gilded Pleasure, it is a brand new color, single to VINYLUX .

CND VINYLUX 8 Day Wear Test

I ’ ve tested CND VINYLUX multiple times over the by few months. Outside of needing an extra coat of Electric Orange to achieve broad coverage, the application process is adenine elementary and easy as CND claims. Two coats of Weekly Polish and one coat of Weekly Top Coat and 8 & 1/2 minutes late I can function normally. Like reach in my purse to grab keys normal .
One thing I noticed is that because my nail beds have ridges and are far from flawless, I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get a absolutely smooth, glossy finish from VINYLUX .
part of that could be that I put my nails through anguish, constantly testing modern products and changing my polish more frequently than the average person. The other part could be that I don ’ thyroxine buff my nails to make them absolutely smooth. My nails are naturally thin so I try not besides buff and weaken them .
careless, I found the wear of VINYLUX to be identical good. It ’ s not perfect but neither are my nails. Over time, the finish dulled some. Though daily use of cuticle oil helps prevent that. I did have a few chips near the end of the week but entirely on nails that systematically split and peel off .


I spoke with CND Education Training Manager Roxanne Valinoti to ask your most press VINYLUX questions. Her lead quotes will be italicized alongside answers based on my own experience.

Q: Why no base coat?
A: For years we ’ ve touted to always use base coat to promote adhesion and prevent staining however VINYLUX uses newly developed proprietorship adhesion promoters that dramatically improve adhesion and eliminate the motivation for a base coat. The adhesiveness promoters are designed to anchor immediately to keratin and form a barrier to prevent the pigments from coming into touch with the natural breeze through. – RV
Q: Can you use a base coat?
A: If you DO wear a free-base coat those adhesiveness promoters can ’ t attachment to keratin therefore you wouldn ’ t have the lapp wear. – RV I tested VINYLUX with both CND Stickey and CND Ridge Out base coat. In both cases, the wear was good but not equally good as on the plain pinpoint alone .
Q: If you don’t wear a base coat, what about ridges or nail imperfections?
A: VINYLUX may not be a great option for person who has damaged or ridge nails. In our screen, 80 % of the women wore it for 7 days with no break however the early 20 % did not have goodly nails. I would recommend CND Shellac for that customer. – RV I experienced chipping wearing VINYLUX, as directed, on nails with splits or tears .
Q: Is CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat the same as Julep Freedom Polymer Coat or Rock Top Coat? 
A: I don ’ thymine own Julep Freedom Coat but the component lists for it and Rock Top Coat are different from VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat. The basic principal is similar but I haven ’ thyroxine tested them side by side to make a definitive decision .
Q: Should you reapply the CND VINYLUX Top Coat throughout the week?
A: You won ’ t need to and if you do it may effect the removal. It removes like regular nail polish but, since the greatcoat gets sturdy over time, the longer you wear VINYLUX, the more “ energy ” to remove. personally, when I wear it on my toes, I saturate a cotton launching pad with acetone and hold it on the surface for a few seconds so it can penetrate before swiping off. – RV I found that, left alone, the surface dulled over the course of a workweek .
Q: How do you remove VINYLUX?
A: With acetone-based breeze through polish removers. Same as traditional nail polish. Non-acetone breeze through polish removers work vitamin a well but they require more feat .
Q: Without a base coat, will the VINYLUX polish colors stain?
A: If clients do have dry, damaged nails, that would be prone to staining, I recommend a thin layer of a achromatic sheer ( Lavishly Loved ) before dark or bright colors. – RV My curtly answer, no. I tested all five colors over a week and none of them stained. Considering that blues and red-based purples are ill-famed for staining, you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine know staining with VINYLUX .
Q: Can you use the VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat over other brands of nail polish?
A: VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat should be used lone with VINYLUX Weekly Polish as you won ’ thyroxine have the same benefit with traditional smash polish. – RV I tested the Weekly Top Coat over five major brands (China Glaze, Essie, L’Oreal, OPI, Zoya) and they all dried fast and wear well over the course of a workweek .


PROS: 1. No base coat means faster application 2. No staining 3. Thin and easy to apply 4. Full coverage in two coats ( with one celebrated exception ) 5. Quick, 8 & 1/2 moment dry time 6. Top coating gets stronger when exposed to sunlight 7. Full week of break on healthy nails with little to no signs of chipping 8. No hard olfactory property
CONS: 1. No basis coating means no ridge filler to camouflage ridges 2. The top coat dulls over time 3. The finish doesn ’ t have the thickness or high gloss to mask imperfections like best sellers Seche Vite or Out The Door 4. Can chip if there is splitting along the release boundary. 5. Intended for professionals, DIYers who aren ’ thymine ace at manicure homework and polish application may not get the same results .

Bottom Line: CND VINYLUX lives up to its claims with the promptly dry time being a major deal steer. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate change your nail polish much and haven ’ t found a product combination that gives you week-long wear, VINYLUX may be your solution. The polish itself has a adorable formula, divers color range and big pigmentation. The fact that it doesn ’ thymine stain is ace. Although CND doesn ’ triiodothyronine excuse using the Weekly Top Coat over early brands, it dries just as fast over other polishes so I suggest picking it up for that reason alone. If you have weak, splitting nails, this may not be a good option for you .
CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish is available as a service at master salons and health spa countrywide with product available for purchase. Visit to locate a salon near you. Service prices will vary by localization. CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat will retail for $9.90/ea for a .5oz bottle. I ’ ve besides seen VINYLUX sold on and though I can ’ t guarantee for the authenticity of those sellers .
To view the entire CND VINYLUX discolor scope, visit my original post HERE .
So, does VINYLUX live up to the hype? Have you tried VINYLUX? How did it work for you? If you haven’t used VINYLUX, will you give it a go? What are your favorite colors from the line?

disclosure : merchandise samples were provided by reps for CND. For more information opinion my disclosure Policy.

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