It is summer and that means wearing bright colours and having fun. It is besides when the creative nails come out of hibernation. And what could be more playfulness than yield inspired nails ? many people tend to experiment with their pinpoint color in the summer menstruation. This is fine by us, as we love it ! There is one character of nails we are ace loving right nowadays and that ’ s watermelon nails. There is nothing that beats this cute collar purpose !
Yes, you did read it right, we mentioned the fruit watermelons. It does sound crazy, we know, but watermelons are taking over the smash world. Who wouldn ’ t like these kind of painted nails ? They are fun, lively, bright and reminds us to eat more fruit !
You might think that there can only be one kind of watermelon nail design, but think again. There are so many and we have come up with 21 of the cutest watermelon nail down ideas for you to try this summer. felicitous painting !

1. Pastel Watermelon Nails

Pastel colours are necessary this season. Like every summer, colours are a must. Make certain you have these pastel colours in your pinpoint box. All you need is a pastel tap and fleeceable pinpoint color and a black nail polish for the watermelon seeds. You can achieve this count identical easily.

2. Watermelons + Glitter = Perfect Combo

Watermelon and glitter look amazing together. Glitter sets the summer climate. When having watermelon nails, you can always mix and match with other colours and effects. You can see in this photograph that the watermelon semblance looks so good with picket pink/nude nail down polish with a affect of glitter .

3. White Base + Pink Watermelons

It is all about the basis with these nails. These are white based watermelon nails and we think they look godhead. They do stand out more than the pink-based version. If you are good at artwork, you can maybe add the watermelons like the photograph besides !

4. Watermelon Toe Nail Design

In summer, people tend to have a lovely manicure, but forget about their toes ! It is of naturally the season when our toes are out on show, so why not follow suit and paint your toenails with a watermelon vibration ! These look so fun and we love how the big toe is all about the watermelon whilst the rest are a bright pink discolor.

5. Cute Design for Short Nails

If you have short nails, have no reverence, you can however have stunning watermelon nails. Take a look at these. Look how fantastic they look and they make shorter nails look long. You may want to use breeze through record on the cuticles sol you get the best results .

6. Polka Dot & Watermelon Nails

Mini watermelons with polka dots ! mix it up by having a few watermelon nails and your others, polka dots. You will need a brace hand to draw on the mini watermelons. Stick to the white root for the watermelon nails and have a bright coloring material base for the polka dot nails .

7. Matte Watermelon Nails

If you are looking for particular and a little unlike purpose, try these felt nails. In summer, people tend to keep to shiny nails but you could be different and choose to have flatness nails. The watermelon theme works so well in glistening and flat consequence.

8. Watermelon Accent Nails

stress nails are still trending. They have been around for a few years now and we wholly understand why so many people like them. It is all about experimenting and going with what you like. Accent nails can be any breeze through you choose, it doesn ’ t have to be the ring feel, although many choose to do this. You may think having the watermelon on all fingernails is a little excessively much for you. This is a perfect stylus to suit your needs and still, you will have the latest swerve nails. Go for an accent watermelon nails and see how many compliments you receive !

9. Watermelon Tips

not feeling the fully watermelon nails ? then try these. These are equitable watermelon tips and are slowly to do. You need a pink, green, yellow and a bootleg complete polish and possibly some nail tape for the lines .

10. Yummy!

These look thus delectable ! Looking at these nails will make you hungry. If you love watermelons, you will want to eat one right off ! These are thus bright and lively. The effects on the tips may look arduous to do but you can achieve this by using a breeze through brush. If you don ’ t have a complete brush, you could use a cotton wool bud. With this design, cipher will mistake what the theme is !

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