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Manicured hands and pedicured toes can help you look and feel your best every sidereal day, and you do n’t need to visit a salon to get the results you desire. By stocking up on smash polish, you can create the effects you love right at home so that you can feel confident waving hello to a friend or slipping your feet into a pair of peep-toe pumps. Walgreens has a wide survival of pinpoint polish available for you to shop on-line and in stores. With so many options to choose from, you ‘re sure to find colors that appeal to your sense of style.

A Complete Polish Change

To perform a complete manicure or pedicure at family, you need more than merely pinpoint color. After trimming and shaping, a full mani-pedi proceeds with three steps.

  • foremost, apply a base coat to each collar. Base coat smash polish creates a legato open that helps the be products in the regimen stand by more in full to the nail. This simplifies application and can help color last longer .
  • once the base coat is dry, you can sweep on your prefer semblance. Some products may require two or more coats to give you the results you desire.
  • finally, apply a top coat collar polish. By creating a seal over color, these products help to reduce fade, chipping and peeling, giving your color more stay office .

filter products by character using the left-hand menu to quickly find the essentials you need for a three-step color lotion.

Selecting the Right Shade

Nail polish comes in about every color you can imagine, giving you a rainbow of options. There are no hard and fast rules for what color you should use. Some people prefer lighter colors for everyday looks and colored shades for night and special occasions. however, you can feel spare to show off any imbue whenever you desire.
authoritative pinpoint polish colors include reds, pinks, burgundies, faint earth tones, purples and peaches. Blues, greens, yellows, grays and bootleg tend to be more modern. White collar polish can be used to paint the integral nail or precisely the tip. The latter front is referred to as a french manicure. Use the Color Family creature on the left to focus on the shade you prefer.

Consider the Finish

To find the perfect complete polish, you need to think about more than just semblance. The finish up besides impacts how your fingernails and toenails appear.

  • glistening polishes have a glistening finish up that reflects a distribute of ignite .
  • Satin finishes have a elusive radiance .
  • Matte finishes have little to no radiance and make colors pop .
  • Glitter finishes contain suspend glitter particles that produce a spark effect.
  • metallic polishes resemble metallic with their sleek effects .

If you like the attend of a tinge but would prefer a unlike finish, you can use a glossy or flatness crown coat over the polish to change its front.

Polish with Special Features

At Walgreens, you can find nail polishes that do more than just add semblance. Some products contain ingredients that address common nail problems. Hardening polishes strengthen the nails by forming a protective coating. You can besides choose a nail polish enriched with moisturizers and nutrients to hydrate and nourish your nails.

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