Why you should never let your nail polish chip

This is a act different from my normal web log posts, but I hope you still find it interesting. Before I start, this is not for the dainty. Just believe me when I say I got nail polish in my eye and it was amazing. Don ’ triiodothyronine let it happen to you, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you see your polish chip, take it off and do a fresh manicure. For the rest of you with stronger constitutions, read on…

Christmas Eve

To set the scene, I am a massive procrastinator. never do anything today that I can put off to the very last moment. This is why I frequently end up wrapping Christmas presents on Christmas Eve ( sometimes the early on hours of Christmas Day ). My manicure is starting to look the bad for clothing, and videotape and present envelop are not helping. But, it ’ randomness 1am, the presents are wrapped, and I just want to sleep. No impertinently painted nails for me this Christmas.

Chanel Vendetta 

Let ’ s introduce the villain of this while. A darkness and mysterious imperial, competently named Vendetta as it transpires. I think it hates me. I ’ ve credibly had it on closely a week at this orient. It ’ s a beautiful polish, and no more prone to chipping than any early polish. But the prison term leading up to Christmas tends to be busy, and I ’ meter reasonably hard on my nails. It shows. This Christmas was quite a few years ago now. I ’ megabyte at my parents theater with a few extra guests, but all in all, it ’ s a grave one. I ’ m just finishing Christmas dinner, and it feels like I have an eyelash or something in my eye. It ’ second annoyance. No count what I try, this irration won ’ triiodothyronine stir. I ’ ve judge massaging my eyelid to stimulate lubrication, and wiping over the coat of my eye, but nothing. inspection in a mirror reveals no errant eyelash or scatter .

I got nail polish in my eye

This is actually annoying me now. My eye looks crimson and I can feel something in there. A closer look with a magnifying mirror reveals a iniquity eyepatch. A night purple fleck…. uh-oh… A nibble of nail down polish has chipped off and stuck to my eye. obviously the curve of my eye and the breeze through are the lapp, because it is not moving. Rinsing and washing are doing nothing. It ’ mho Christmas evening by immediately, so I go to sleep. The chip is rubbing the inside of my eyelid besides. FML

Boxing Day

A quick old world chat with a restricted optometrist makes the adjacent course of action clear : a trip to center casualty. Just what I wanted to do with my bank vacation ! My dad drove me, my eye is sore and the optometrist said I ’ five hundred need person to drive me back at least. In eye casualty, there ’ s only one early person waiting. Pro Life Tip there – time your eye injuries for Boxing Day, you ’ ll get seen promptly. besides, one fairly crabbed eye nurse is on duty.

When I get seen, I explain what ’ south happened, and they examine my eye. next step is to SCRAPE THE CHIP OFF MY EYEBALL WITH A METAL SPATULA. But fortunately ( ! ) I get to have fluorescent yellow drops in my eye beginning. So they can see precisely where it is. I nowadays look like I ’ ve gone legitimately brainsick, with a bloodshot scandalmongering eye. Or a in truth bizarre form of jaundice. The scrape is over identical cursorily and doesn ’ triiodothyronine hurt. I am free to go home, with slightly bleary imagination in one eye for a few hours. This very put me off painting my nails at all for about a year though. Do not recommend .

Moral of the story

Don ’ t let your smash polish chip off, don ’ t pick it off, don ’ triiodothyronine risk this happening to you. It actually sucks. besides, metal spatula. I got nail down polish in my eye, so you don ’ t have to. A fresh manicure always looks better anyhow .

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