The Best holographic nail polishesThe Best holographic nail polishes The Best Holographic Nail Polishes and Top Coats are:

  1. Cirque Colors (The most vivid & high quality holographic top coats)
  2. Color Club (The polishes with the most vivid holographic effect)
  3. ILNP (Ideal for doing nail art)
  4. Born Pretty (An affordable combo set of holographic polish)
  5. Starrily ( A premium holographic polish)

What are holographic Nail Polishes

Holographic nail polishes are polishes that contain specialize micro-particles called SpectraFlair. These particles are mini prisms that create a sparkle multicolored rainbow effect on your nails. citation. The rainbow impression can be either scattered or they can have a definite or linear form. I will explain more about these effects late down so keep on read .

1- Cirque Colors

cirque Colors are one of my darling brands of polishes, they make some of the most amazing and unique blends of nail down polishes and top coats.

And their Holographic Top Coats are one of the best Holo Top Coats I have ever used .

What are holographic Top Coats

Holographic Top Coats are top coats that add a sparkle rainbow holographic effect to regular nail down polishes. They immediately turn your darling polishes into holographic ones and they can add bubbling life to your smash art. immediately, in my opinion, Cirque Colors holo top coats do an amazing job of adding this holo effect. Note Holo Top Coats are great but to truly get the most amazing holographic rainbow effect you need to use Holographic Polishes, so if you are looking for that scroll down to the future set up of polishes .

Pros of Cirque Holo Top Coats

1- They Create Stunning Holographic Designs Cirque Holographic Top Coats are amazing at adding that vivid and colorful rainbow effect to your nails. now as I mentioned earlier Holographic Nails can either be Scattered or Linear. And Cirque Colors has two great circus tent coats to create either one of these effects .

analogue Holo Top Coat

linear Holo polishes tend to have more of the micro-fine particles that are packed tightly in concert. This allows them to create a solid and consistent rainbow effect on your nails. With the linear effect, you can see a unclutter rainbow. See how the rainbow is in the image below

scatter Holographic Top Coats

now Scattered Holos create what look like dispersed miniskirt rainbows, they are more like glazed rainbow glitter. They tend to have fewer SpectraFlair particles but these particles tend to be more dispersed in the polish. You can see how it is in the persona below and you can compare it to the linear ones. 2- Easy to Apply Cirque Top Coats have a decent placid mix, not besides thin or excessively thick making them super easy to apply. just ensure you shake up the bottle before applying thus that the mixture can be ideal. These are regular polishes not gel, so you wont need a UV or Led Lamp to dry them. How to Apply I usually use two coats over your polish which should give you that amazing holographic effect. 3- Very Safe & Heath Conscious cirque Polishes are some of the safest polishes on the marketplace. Their polishes are vegan and animal cruelty-free, meaning no animals were used to make or test them. And Cirque formulas are completely non-toxic and they do not have any toluene, formaldehyde or DBP. citation. They are dedicated to making their polishes vitamin a safe as possible. All of Cirque Polishes are handmade in Brooklyn, New York. Citation. 4- Very Tough Cirque Holo Top Coats are pretty durable and should concluding you for 6-7 days, of course, this depends on the amount of bodily process that you do .

Cons of Cirque Holo Top Coats

1- Very Expensive Cirques Holo Top Coats are premium polishes they cost about twice arsenic much in comparison to other popular holographic Top Coats. This high monetary value comes from the fact that these polishes are handmade in the USA, which tends to have high department of labor costs. And Cirque besides uses more bounty ingredients to make its polishes which cost more .

Where To Get Cirque Colors Holographic Top Coats

I normally get them on Amazon you can click on the connection below to see the current prices. Cirque Linear Holo Top Coats Cirque Scattered Holo Top Coats Pro-Tip : Holographic Top Coats show more brilliantly when used over dark colors. Dark colors tend to absorb light whilst the holographic particles refract the light outwards this gives the percept that holo particles are extra bubbling. This is fair like how stars seem more undimmed in the night than during the day. Cirque Colors Holographic Polishes Cirque besides has some very bang-up holographic polishes with a broad assortment of colors to chose from. My favorite is their silver Scattered holo polish you can click to see it on Amazon. I besides love their holographic glitter polish you can click to see it on Amazon .

2- Color Club Holographic Nail Polish

color Club makes high quality and in my opinion the most bright holographic nail polishes.

They are one of the largest and most long-familiar brands in the nail diligence and are well known for having amazing products. citation

Pros of Color Clubs

1- Amazing Holographic Effects : color Club Holo Polishes will give you, in my opinion, the best holographic rainbow impression. 2- Affordable: These polishes are sanely priced, they are much cheaper than Cirque Polishes. 3- Very Health Conscious : color Club polishes are rid of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP chemicals and added to that they are vegan and cruelty-free. 4- Easy to Apply : These polishes are applied equitable like regular polishes no want for UV or Led Lamps to dry them. merely apply a base coating, and then two coats of the polish and to finsh apply a immediate dry top coat .

Cons Of Color Club

1- Needs More Variety in Colors The biggest drawback of Color Club Holo Polishes is the miss of color choices and most of their polishes are chiefly Linear Holographic Polishes .

Where To Get Color Club Holographic Polishes

Amazon normally has them in stock, you can click on the links below to see the current prices. Dark Holographic Pink Color ( My front-runner ) Light Holographic Pink Color Peach Holographic Polish Silver Color – Scattered Holographic Light Blue Holographic Color Reddish-Orange Color

3- ILNP Holographic Polish

ILNP has one of the widest varieties of colors of holographic polishes to chose from But for me, their holo polishes dont create the most stunning rainbow effects like other polishes. Instead, they produce a more subtle and elegant effect. ILNP Holo polishes are ideal for :

  • Doing nail art since they won’t overwhelm the design
  • And if you are going for a more elegant look and you dont want to look too flashy.

ILNP holo polishes besides tend to be very durable being that they are insubordinate to peeling and chipping. The reason their so bully is because their polishes mixtures contain less holographic particles. These Holo particles tend to make the polishes structurally weaker .

Where to Get ILNP Holo Polishes

I buy them from Amazon, you can check the links below to see some of my favorites. ILNP Holographic Top Coat : A elusive holo top coating perfect to add on circus tent of your nail art without overwhelming it. A Cute Dusky Pink Holographic Shimmer Nail Polish A undimmed orange semblance with a subtle holographic effect

4- Born Pretty Holographic Polishes

Born Pretty offers a budget-friendly jazz band set of Holographic Polishes. These jazz band sets are big if you want to try a motley holographic manicure design but you are on a budget. The main drawback for me with these polishes is that their mix besides sparse and you need at least three coats to get a great holo design added to that they come in super small bottles. But even though the polishes aren ’ thymine of a high quality I am still featuring them because they are ideal if you are on a tight budget and precisely want to experiment with holo polishes. You can click to see the monetary value of a jazz band set with 6 different colors on Amazon .

5- Starrily Holo Polish

Starrily is a high-end bounty brand of polishes. They are an american caller based in New York. Citation. Their holo polishes are flying dry, eminent quality and most importantly they create very courteous holographic rainbow designs. Starrily Polishes ’ chief drawbacks are that they are identical costly and I think you can get the same quality from Color Club at a better price And they besides lack a diverseness of holographic colors. But feel detached to check them out pawl here to the see their Silver Linear Holographic Polish on Amazon

Tips to Make Holographic Nails Look Better

1- Use Dark Colors ideally black

just like how Holo Top Coats look the best over a colored polish, Dark Shades of Holo Polishes tend to create a more full-bodied holo effect. This is because the holographic particles shine more brilliantly behind a dark setting .

2- They Look Better Under a Direct Light Source

Holo Polishes tend to sparkle stronger when light is shined directly on them such as sunlight and halogen lights. The more light there is the more the holo particles can refract back .

3- Merge Different Holo Polishes

To truly create an amazing rainbow holo consequence I would advocate using a scattered holo greatcoat over a holo linear polish. What I recommend is to experiment and see what works best for you .

4- Shake Up the Holo Polishes Before Application

sometimes the holo particles tend to settle and the polish wouldn ’ metric ton create a coherent holo consequence.

Bonus Tip

If you love unique breeze through polishes then I besides recommend you trying Glow in the blue pinpoint polishes and Color Changing Nail Polishes. You can click here to learn more about Glow in the Dark Nail Polishes. And chatter here to read about Color Changing Nail Polishes .

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