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You must have heard about the popular DND Gel Nail Polish that provides a high intense color to the nails and lasts for up to three weeks, i.e., closely 21 days on your nails without chipping. It is a professional complete polish that is 100 % gelatin, comes in change colors, and is comfortable to apply .
If you are hearing about this product for the first time then, I am surely you must be wondering how to use DND gelatin complete polish ? In this article, I will guide you through the process of applying DND complete polish and answer other frequently asked questions related to this intersection .

Steps you can perform to apply DND gel nail polish at home plate

Follow the steps given below one after another to apply DND mousse nail polish perfectly at home, and it is a straightforward action :

  1. First of all, I recommend you file your nails and give them the desired shape using a manicure file. I use this manicure file from Amazon, and it does wonders.  
  2. Use Nail paint remover or alcohol on a lint free pad to clean your nails and dry them of any moisture.  
  3. Now, choose your preferred color of DND gel polish, whichever color you would like to apply. 
  4. This is a crucial step, apply thin layers of gel polish, and after every coat, you are supposed to cure under UV lamp or LED lamp. Don’t forget to seal the free edge foe in every step. 
  5. Apply 2-3 coats, as preferred.  
  6. And then, you can clean the sticky base using Acetone.  

How Do You Use DND Gel Nails ?

  1. It is always better to apply a base coat before applying the gel polish. So, first, apply a thin layer of soak off gel base coat 500 on a clean and dry nail bed. 
  2. Cure for at least 1 minute after applying the base coat under a UV lamp or LED lamp. 
  3. Choose your preferred gel color of DND polish to apply. 
  4. Cure for another 1 minute under a UV or LED lamp after each coat. 
  5. Then lastly, set the nails by applying a soak off gel top coat like DND 600. 

Why does DND come with two polishes ? What ’ s the dispute ?

DND comes with two polishes for marketing campaign purposes ; many brands use this marketing of two different polishes to widen their audience. however, the dispute between the two polishes is, one is a mousse nail polish, and the other is regular pinpoint polish .
This remainder is that most people like to apply it on both toenails and hands. They apply the durable gel polish on their hands and use the regular polish for their toenails. My all-time darling DND duet is gel discolor DC055, check this duo here. 

Do you have to cure DND nail down polish ?

Yes, curing DND pinpoint polish is very important ; without curing, your nail polish won ’ triiodothyronine dry completely as the formula of gel pinpoint paints is thicker than others. They can not dry on their own, and therefore, you require a UV lamp to cure DND gel polish .
You need to know about the recently launched DND Gel Lamp – LED Lamp V3/V4. This lamp is highly efficient in curing all UV and LED cured mousse polish brands. however, it is pretty expensive, but I assure you it is deserving every penny for healing gel polishes. It comes with a timekeeper built-in and a countdown feature. It is non-slip and has pedicure-friendly buttons.

DND gel polish swatches

DND gel polish comes in more than 300 colors, and all of them are beautiful and glossy. however, there are a few gel colors that are more democratic than the rest, and here they are ; the list besides includes some of the late DND colors :

  • 416 Purple Pride  
  • 411 Shooting  
  • 418 Butternut Squash 
  • 408 Pinky Star 
  • 401 Golden Sahara Star 
  • 448 Snowflake 
  • 445 melting violet 
  • 741 diamond eyes 
  • 734 Berry blue 
  • 732 Joy 
  • 731 Plum 
  • 729 Ambrosia 

Do you need a base coat with DND gel polish ?

Base Coat is a identical crucial region of the process in applying gel polishes ; they keep the gelatin polish integral and prevent it from lifting and peeling from the edges. It creates adhesion between the collar bed and the gelatin polish above it. Basecoat helps DND gelatin polish last long on nails for up to 3 weeks. therefore, I recommend you apply a thin layer of base coat before applying your DND nail polish. I suggest this DND base coat 500 you can buy from Amazon, which works with all gel brands .

Can you use DND mousse breeze through polish without the UV light ?

well, there are a few brands available in the grocery store that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate require a UV or LED lamp for curing the gelatin polish. however, UV or LED faint is necessary while applying DND gel polish if you want your polish to final long, be smudge-free, and not chip.

Without curing, the greatcoat won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate dry, and you need to remember that mousse polish formula is thicker than regular polish, which means they won ’ triiodothyronine dry on their own. It would be best to cure under a UV lamp or LED to harden the coats .
besides, you can cure your DND gel polish using the LED lamp ; the summons is reasonably similar to using a UV lamp on gel nail paints. Apply a thin base coat and then dry it under a LED light for 2 minutes and then apply the other layers and cure it every 2 minutes .
I would recommend this UV LED nail lamp from Amazon, which is highly efficient and affordable; it works the best for gel polishes. last, use a lint-free pad dipped in a nail cleansing agent to lightly remove the tacky remainder on the breeze through to obtain fresh and bright nails .

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