Wine nails are therefore perfect for fall ! promise you agree. That ’ s why we thought it would be great to gather some new and fresh ideas of wine colored nails from Instagram, Tumblr. and Pinterest. then, read the article, get inspired, open a bottle of your darling wine and do your nails. Or do your nails first and then open a bottle… Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mind. Better read. Advertisement-Continue Reading Below
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wine themed nails

Most Popular Red Wine Nails Ideas

Of naturally, you can always go for solid glistening wine-red nails, or for a flat finish. These are two top variants. ( BTW, glossy or felt ? )

wine red glossy and matte nails
particularly if you are planning to wear wine colored clothes next day. Leather jacket or a farseeing mid-length dress will be a perfect choice .
wine red nails with wine red leather jacket
other variants include combining wine red shade with gold or silver medal stripes, with thwart, rhinestones, geometric designs… It is better to see than to hear ) Check out the best ideas of wine red collar designs :

1. Glossy and matte wine French nails.

Look perfective for this fall…
wine red french manicure

2. Wine red ombre nails.

Opt for a shimmer collar polish in this case .
wine red ombre nails

3. Ombre-ed matte wine colored nails.

A bang-up direction to upgrade your ombre nails – use felt finish .
matte red wine ombre nails

4. Wine purple nails with cat eye nail polish.

now you understand why cat-o’-nine-tails eye collar polishes are thus democratic nowadays ) Stunning !
wine red cat nail polish manicure

5. Perfect wine nails with gold.

Wine tad and aureate hydrofoil go together as boodle and butter. A goofproof discrepancy !
wine red and gold nails

6. Wine wedding nails.

These are perfect for any limited occasion – be it a wedding, a promenade or a red carpet afterparty .
wine red and pink nail design

7. Nude, gray and wine red nails.

Great match for any casual look .
beige, gray and wine red nails

8. Wine and silver nails.

This mani looks deep and feminine .
plum and wine red nails with glitter accent nail

9. Wine and white nails.

simple, but flamboyant. That glitter accent smash decidedly adds some glamor .
white, silver and wine red nails

10. Sweater wine glitter nails.

good random variable for perspirer weather and winter holidays !
glitter wine red sweater nails

11. Wine red and silver geometric nails.

The most arrant mani among all geometric designs seen this year .
wine and silver nails

12. Minimalistic wine colored nails with gold.

Want to do a wine crimson mani yourself ? This one is easy to DIY, truly .
dark wine red and silver nail design

13. Oval wine nails with rhinestones.

Gel nails with about no design. But this glistening finish… It is amazing .
wine nails with rhinestones

14. Wine nails with golden glitter nail tips.

One more easy breeze through design that any girl can copy, but the one that looks super-trendy and stylish .
wine nails with golden glitter tips

15. Butterfly design on wine coloured nails.

For this one you will have to use a nail spine or book an appointment with your nail maestro. adorable !
wine burgundy nails with butterfly

16. Marsala nails with shattered glass design.

shatter glass effect is inactive in vogue. On a red wine base it looks reasonably cunning .
wine nails with shattered glass

17. Simple nude and wine colored nails with stripes.

Great shade ! We show where you may buy unlike wine color nail polishes below, so support read .
nude and wine red nail design

18. Wine gel nails with flower design.

Flower nail designs are among the top requested by women of all ages. In burgundy wine nuance flower manis look fantastic .
wine colored gel nails with flower design

19. Burgundy nails with geometric gold glitter design.

One more geometry on nails and one more picture worth saving. Pin it and save the photograph for your future nail experiments .
dark red nails with glitter zigzag

20. Dark wine nails with one glitter accent nail.

The simplest estimate – make all nails of deep colored wine color, one nail cover with glitter nail down polish .
dark wine nails with one glitter accent nail

21. Contrasty wine red and blue nails.

A boldface estimate we must say… But successful !
blue and wine nails

22. Wine red nails with glitter nail polish.

One more idea how to apply glitter on your nails .
glitter chevrons and wine nails

23. Easy plum wine nails design.

Chevrons, dots, metallic nail polish accents. Interesting !
gold and purple-wine nails

24. Dark red glossy and grainy matte nails.

Combine different textures in your mani and you will get new fresh variants .
glossy and matte wine red manicure

25. Wine acrylic nails with nude shade and glitter.

Coffin nails are trendy now. Nude coffin nails are super-trendy. Two plum wine red and glitter nails take the mani to the hale raw flush .
acrylic wine nails

26. Matte wine colored nail design.

Matte finish, gold foil, metallic details. But all lines here have to be straight and bang-up .
wine red matte nails

27. Mountain peak shaped red wine nails.

Interesting smash shape ! In undimmed wine crimson shade it looks fantastic .
mountain peak wine shellac nails

28. Matte wine nails with glossy French tips.

One more french breeze through design, but more exalted, with a glistening stress complete .
matte and glossy french nails and glitter accent nail

29. Wine coffin nails with rhinestones.

Coffin nails look even more gay if combined with rhinestones. For special occasions .
acrylic wine red nail design

30. Wine red shade on short nails.

The capital news is that wine crimson nail tinge looks perfect on short nails excessively !
short wine nails

31. Wine almond nails with holo nail polish.

Think holo nail polish if you want to add polish to your mani .
wine holo nails

32. Burgundy nail design with hearts.

Idea for Valentine ’ s Day. Or for a amatory date.

heart burgundy nails

33. Wine red stiletto nails.

Stiletto nails look adorable themselves, without any particular details. But agree, in wine red shade they are even more spectacular .
wine red stiletto nails

34. Silver and wine squoval nails.

cunning ! Silver glitter matches with red wine semblance ideally .
squoval wine red nails

35. Geometric matte and glossy burgundy manicure.

These ones decidedly need some time and efforts. But the final result is worth all the pain .
geometric wine nails

Wine Themed Nails

time to see wine themed nail designs ! Yes, they besides exist and you will decidedly like them if you like wine as we do :

 36. Nails with a glass of wine.

🙂 For all female wine lovers on this planet !
wine themed nail design with a glass of wine

37. Dark red nails with two glasses of wine.

Cheers ! Perfect for a date .
two glasses of wine nail design

38. Minnie Mouse black and white wine themed nails.

Very-very cute and funny .
Minnie mouse wine nails design

39. Nail design with a wine bottle and a glass.

A simple matte design, but a bottle and a glass are made with a 3D effect and this makes the mani super-interesting .
wine bottle and glass matte nail design

40. Grape nail design.

Grape wine-red and gold nail design, that can be well made at family .
grape nail design

Easy Tutorials of Wine Nails

For those girls who want to create smth elementary but cunning at the lapp time. And for those who have striping videotape, of course. It will help you to draw the straight geometric lines .
wine red nail design tutorial
Two more fantastic tutorials – this time for nail masters whose clients love wine 🙂 Learn how to create a perfective manicure with a looking glass of wine !

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Wine nail polish list

As promised, we give the top-10 wine color nail polishes for any budget ( from $ 7 to $ 50 ) .

1. OPI Malaga wine nail polish.

rich and thick elate wine-red color, can be worn all year round .
price : $ 10.50
OPI Malaga wine red nail polish

2. Essie Bordeaux dark wine nail polish.

A deep wine color breeze through polish. Is described as a ‘ vintage beauty ’ .
price : $ 9
Essie Bordeaux wine red nail polish

3. Chanel Rouge Noir Le Vernis red wine nail polish.

Includes bioceramics and ceramides that improve the timbre of nails .
monetary value : $ 28
Chanel Roige Noir Wine Red nail polish

4. Christian Louboutin Lady Peep wine colored nail polish.

Dark red wine nail down polish, highly pigmented and super glossy .
price : $ 50
christian louboutin lady peep nail polish

5. Zoya Veronica wine color nail polish.

A full-coverage brilliant red wine colored nail polish .
price : $ 10
zoya veronica wine red nail polish

6. NAILS INC. NAILKALE Victoria red wine nail polish.

abstruse dark cerise ghost. A limited-edition breeze through polish that contains kale extract with gamey levels of Vitamins A, C, and K .
price : $ 15
Nailsinc veronica nailkale nail polish

7. Deborah Lippmann Miss Independent wine nail lacquer.

Full coverage berry wine ( crème ) nail polish. Dual-patented formula with 10 active ingredients.
price : $ 20
deborah lippmann miss independent nail lacquer

8. Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust wine colored nail lacquer.

High-performance rule with a bendable coat, that delivers the high coverage and shine while staying color-true throughout wear .
price : $ 36
tom ford BORDEAUX LUST wine red nail lacquer

9. ORLY Just Bitten dark wine red nail polish.

This brand modern Crème is a separate of their Fall Color Collection, Velvet Dream .
price : $ 8.50
orly just bitten nail polish wine red

10. China Glaze ‘Wine down for what?’ nail polish.

Dark wine/burgundy red creme pinpoint coloring material, that dries very promptly on nails .
monetary value : $ 7.19
china glaze wine down for what wine red
Hope the wine pinpoint inspiration given above will help you to choose your ideal nail purpose for this season. Because even despite the shade, wine nails constantly look glam, super-stylish, and feminine. If you have never tried colored colors on your nails, start from the deep burgundy. Wine red nails pair great with clothe of any color, from loss palette to greens and blue tones. Try what works for you and enjoy the rich wine shade !
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