Winter Nail Care Tips

The strengthening of the moisturizer, caring for the epidermis, and using gloves regularly restricts the cracking of their hands.

Just like the body, in winter, you need to be more concerned about nail care. Dehydration and moisture mean that the nails are prone to brittleness, fracture, cracked epidermis, peeling the nail and appearing scratched around.

Winter Nail Care Tips

1. Caring for the epidermis

The sensitive skin around the nail can be dissection when the body loses the necessary moisture. The hands are a lot of exposure to wind, cold and water and chemicals, which makes the process of dehydration occur faster. Apply oil, lotion to the nail head or when too fold, you can use lip balm to apply to this skin.

2. Break Up Lotion

Divide the lotion into small vials, put at the desk, in the bathroom, kitchen table and in the bag to make sure you always moisturize your hands steadily. Apply to the skin after washing your hands, every time of the day to help maintain the moisture for your hands.

3. Use Gloves

Gloves are not only fashion trends are always loved but it is also the protective layer of your hand when outdoors, against wind, cold and dry air. At night, wearing cotton gloves after applying a moisturizer will help to heal the cracks. When working on a home, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves so that the chemicals do not impact on nails, causing dryness, split.

4. Spa Pedicure

When preventive measures do not bring effect, causing the skin to crack severe, you should think about going to the skin at the spa. However, it should be rejected when the employee suggests to cut off the epidermis or interfere with the skin as it may cause infection.

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