This post may contain affiliate links that we collect a share of sales from. Click here for more details .Hocus Pocus Nail Art PinHocus Pocus Nail Art PinHocus Pocus Nail Art Pin Halloween is indeed close we can taste it. literally, these peanut butter cups are delicious. following time you sit down to watch Hocus Pocus, why not try out one of these freaky Hocus Pocus nail art designs. Rumor has it they ’ ll make it more probably your spells will work .
Rumor besides put coffee grounds down the disposal this dawn thus take his suggestions with a grain of salt.

Hocus Pocus Nail Art
Why is everyone obsessed with this 1993 Disney film starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy ? In merely one movie, you ’ ve got magic, a talking black cat, a haunted book of spells, zombies, and three sister witches binding from the dead. No, those aren ’ t the zombies. Though, we can see how that could be confusing .
By the clock you ’ re done creating one of the Hocus Pocus-inspired manicures below, you ’ ll be screaming “ I am beautiful ! Boys will love me ! ” like Sarah Sanderson .
Most of these skittish manicures can be done at home pretty easily — you fair need some polish, a few cheap nail art tools, and a pinch of witchcraft. And if things go amok, well, there ’ second always cookies .

16 Hocus Pocus Nail Art Ideas That’ll Put a Spell on You

1. Sanderson Sister Silhouetted Nails

For these silhouetted complete designs of Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson, use this decal from a purple base coat and hand paint the outlines of each silhouette. Let these dry, then fill in with the desire color. Or regulate these Hocus Pocus pinpoint decals from Amazon. Or let @ deartonii do it for you .
Hocus Pocus Nail Art - Sanderson Sister Silhouettes

2. Golden Hocus Pocus Nails

The mustard-colored base for these nails by @ iamdeliasnails is a traditional decrease collar color but the designs are anything but traditional. Unless your traditions include a black flame candle, the koran, and Binx ! And, alliterations, obviously. The stampable nail plates are sold by Maniology, but these particular ones are not presently available.
Hocus Pocus Nail Art - Golden

3. Black and White Manicure

These monochromatic Hocus Pocus nails remind us of our other darling Halloween movie : Beetlejuice !

4. Spooky Nails

This eerie manicure by @ features some of the best quotes, their creepy grimoire, and their firm black cat familiar. ( Because casting spells with strangers is weird. )
Hocus Pocus Nail Art - Matte


5. Bright Nails

This Hocus Pocus nail artwork plan by @ polishedpolarbear uses the lapp smash decal set as the golden ones but in a different way. versatility !
Hocus Pocus Nails - Black Candle

6. Coffin Nails

These coffin nails prove that coming back from the dead can still be done in style. barely search at Vigo ! The good thing about this purpose is ⅓ of your nails are merely regular polish. 1 out of 3 own ’ triiodothyronine bad, right ?

7. Almond Hocus Pocus Nails

If you want to actually make their spellbook come active, glue a Googly eye on top of these nail decals. then use all the spells inside it to raise your nail from the dead. Oh, they ’ re naturally inanimate ? Well, why did we waste all this time doing that then ?

8. Billy Butcherson-Inspired Nails

Billy was obviously supposed to be a “ hot ” ( and besides rude ) automaton, so that explains why you wanted to jump his undead bones. besides, you in truth need to stop hanging out at graveyards then frequently. The food trucks there suck. Nails by @ kellyohstein.
Hocus Pocus Nail Art - Billy

9. Hand-Painted Almond Nails

Billy ’ s look in truth brings Winifred ’ s “ Oh look. Another glorious dawn. Makes me vomit ! ” to life sentence .


10. I Smell Children Nails

We love the start of blasphemous tinge that is hush dark enough to be witchy and mysterious. And, of course the hand-painted sisters are a true craft. Or Craft. Whichever .

11. Binx the Cat Nail Art

Want to pay court to the 2nd best talking cat ? These childlike black cat nails by @ brittany_mika_ are easily achieved using a black basis coat and using a bantam paint brush to create Binx. Battle royale coming between Sir Binxy and Salem this Friday.
Hocus Pocus Nail Art - Binx the Cat

12. The Deep Cut

If you ’ re a true fan, pair one of the better know characters, Billy Butcherson, with an underestimate character, The Masters Wife, in this unique accept by @ kellyohstein.
Hocus Pocus Nails - Spellbook

13. Minimalist Hocus Pocus Nails

Are you more of a ‘ keep your spells in a booklet on your phone alternatively of lug around a colossus living book that you seem to constantly lose ’ hag ? then these minimalist nails by @ niccki94 are your newly go-to mani.
Hocus Pocus Nails - Minimalist

14. Press-On Hocus Pocus Nail Art

If you besides suck at drawing facial features and waiting for your nails to dry, this design by @ nailz_by_dev is for you because you can snag these reclaimable hand-painted Hocus Pocus press-on nails right hera.
Hocus Pocus Nails - Press On

15. Realistic Nail Art

If you ’ ve got farseeing coffin nails, this design by @ riahcamille_nails with a hyper realistic adaptation of their grimoire is arrant for impatiently tapping on your desk while you wait for Hocus Pocus 2.
Hocus Pocus Nail Art - I Put a Spell On You

16. Purple Cauldron Nails

It ’ mho playfulness to party with the Sanderson Sisters, but if the witches break out the caldron you know it ’ sulfur time to head home. Nail art by @ nailsbybreee.
Hocus Pocus Nails - Cauldron

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