hera ’ s a topic we haven ’ triiodothyronine discussed in FOREVER : nails and the office. What ’ s your definition of work-appropriate nails ? Do you think there are any definite nail DON ’ TS for the office ? What is your darling breeze through polish coloring material and nail determine to wear to work ? And, readers — as busy women, do you prefer gel or acrylic over unconstipated complete polish ? Reader L has a great question :

I have read a adept bargain of advice on-line about work appropriate smash colors, but I can not find much on length and form. I like to wear acrylics that are modestly long and rounded in order to enlongate my stubby fingers. They are short-circuit enough to look natural, but they are about a centimeter past my finger tips. I besides constantly wear nude or light pink polish to soften the front. I will be starting at a reasonably conservative tauten in the fall. Can I keep my nails ?

We ’ ve talked in the past about finding a complete salon near your function, smash worry for the minimalists, and the best nail colors for work. But we ’ ve never talked shape/length, and even our work-appropriate breeze through color discussion was many moons ago. So lashkar-e-taiba ’ sulfur lecture, ladies ! For my $ .02, I ’ molarity hoping Reader L meant a millimeter alternatively of a centimeter — holding up a ruler against my very shortstop nails, a centimeter past my fingertip looks like it would be double the duration of my nail. ( # NoNosferatuNails ! )

( true, my rule is neon pink and diaphanous, then, uh, possibly the measurements are off ? ) I’m going to take a hard line position and say that if your nails interfere with regular typing, they’re too long. In terms of the best determine of nails for employment, I think it truly comes down to preference .

I ’ meter going to take a hard lineage position and say that if your nails intervene with regular type, they ’ re besides long .

These are some of our favorite complete colors for interviews : 1 ) Ballet Slippers 2 ) Sugar Daddy 3 ) Mademoiselle. classic !

Turn on your JavaScript to view content This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you thus much for your support ! In terms of color, I think colorful nails have come a hanker manner towards being work-appropriate ; when I started this web log we were debating whether dark crimson nails were professional ! I still think it ’ mho very much a “ know your office ” thing, though — so I ’ vitamin d rede women to stay aside from wackier colors and designs if it ’ s your first base week on the job or if you have a big meet with new clients. Ladies, what are your thoughts on work-appropriate nails? What length do you like to keep your nails? What shape and color are your favorites to wear to work?

{ related : our favorite nail colors for function } ( Pictured above : store artwork from Pixabay. This is a premier example of why I personally can ’ metric ton stand nail polish, though — her nails look superintendent raggedy and crude to me ! I guess that ’ s another interrogate — if you wear nail polish at function, do you have a “ no chip ” policy ? What crosses the line into “ I need to remove this polish STAT ” territory ? )

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