so you still can ’ metric ton get enough of the early 2000s vogue ? then why don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you go full-blown noughties with the Y2k nails aesthetic ? ✨
This type of nail design only has one rule, the more extraordinary the better ! therefore don ’ triiodothyronine be afraid to press on the longest acrylic nails you can find and add ampere much nail down charms as you can. Or rather, if you feel like you want to preserve your cute style evening in the most conventional situations, get some short nails with a more simple design .
You truly can ’ t go incorrectly with our selection of nail down charms, stickers and acrylics ! Take a look for some inspiration and crazy ideas or make your life more fabulous by just buying it here !

Buy Y2k nails with charms

There can never be besides many charms on your nails to achieve the Y2k aesthetic. Our picks of pinpoint charms include all kinds of motifs that were democratic during the 2000s. These include Harajuku icons, the Murakami flower, butterflies, smileys and skulls ! so pick to your heart ’ s message ! We have them in pink, total darkness, white, green, red, blue… any color you could ’ ve ever imagined.

Snatch Y2k acrylic nails

Who has the time to go to the smash salon and wait for the intricate nail art to dry ? With these collection of trendy Y2k acrylic nails, you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be wasting your clock. Just stick them on and show them off ! 😉 We ’ rhenium certain everyone is going to be asking you where you got them, they are so colored and hanker that it is impossible not to notice !

Some baddie Y2k nails aesthetic

On days when you just can ’ triiodothyronine be bothered, hera are some acrylic nails that will display how much of a insurgent you are. Ideal for a party, a concert or merely a fooling dinner with your friends. These cyber Y2k nails can perfectly reflect your feelings and personality when you wear them… so let your emotions fly !

The hottest Y2k butterfly nails

Why don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you share some chat up love to everyone by flaunting a Y2k chat up purpose on your nails ? You ’ ll surely brighten everyone ’ randomness day with our sweet and cheerful cunning nail down designs.

Learn how to do your own personalised Y2k nails (DIY)

If you are one of those creative souls that prefer to have personalised nails, we are besides here to help you !
You just need to buy an acrylic pinpoint kit to start having playfulness. You can then get some ideas from all our products above, or try some other designs that you might find on the Internet ( or from your best artists ).

If you have limited have designing your own nails, we strongly recommend you to watch this 5 minute video. It will show you some tricks and tips to start decorating them, arsenic well as super cute patterns that you will decidedly love .

And we couldn ’ t leave you without some Y2k acrylic complete kits, in encase you didn ’ t have one ! enjoy ! 👇👇👇

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