today I ’ m heading out to San Francisco to see my old cooperative student we had in the summer of 2012. Remember stylish Patrick, my fro-yo and swing-dancing buddy ? He ’ second on a sour term here, and I ’ m sol excited to browse the adult city with him ! I ’ ll decidedly report back on Monday on the sights of the city .
The spring collections just keep popping up like fresh flowers blooming on an April morning. How ’ s that for the cheesiest opening lineage, ever ? wholly not me, but I thought it was hilarious when I thought of it †” and good had to start my post with it. YSL Spring 2014 Collection
Yves Saint Laurent spring 2014 Collection has a short ton of great picks out. Look at the fresh corals and pinks they ’ ve released bet on in January when I was busy packing up our lives to move across the continent to beautiful California. YSL Collection for Spring 2014

I haven ’ metric ton had much time to play around with the solicitation, but I do have some swatches I ’ ve done with the nail polish and some up close product shots to talk to you about. Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture 48 49
My nails look weird long, I need to remember to keep them short. Nevertheless hera is a fantastic cool toned red in the color Rouge Pablo. Kind of match, since I used to paint “ replica ” of Pablo Picasso ’ sulfur paintings in the 90 ’ s and early 2000 ’ s. I should show them to you sometime. I used two coats for this polish and it wear well, like any other polish would. As you ’ vitamin d expect.. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pablo 49
Rose Scabiosa is a more traditional leap color, in this mauve-purple tone pink. not a pink I ’ d normally go for, but it ’ s sorta nice †” depending on your peel tone. I ’ m not sure I liked it on my picket skin, but possibly once I get a bite of sun on myself I ’ d like it better. Yves Saint Laurent Rose Scabiosa 48
YSL Spring collection 2014

Pink and amber, my two favorite colours. Yves Saint Laurent Flower Crush Palette
Yves Saint Laurent Pivoine Crush Ombrés 5 Lumières Eye Palette. possibly I ’ ll get the guts to do some sort of eye look with this palette and show you the colours and how they look on the eye. Yves Saint Laurent Flower Crush Palette open Next up, as constantly I love to save the best for last : lip color ! Love ! YSL-lip-spring-2014 The packaging on YSL products are the most deluxe I always did see. I think they ’ re the prototype of smasher product packaging, they do such a fantastic job. decidedly A++ in my eyes .
YSL Gloss Volupte Iridescent 104 not the biggest fan of this Gloss Volupté in Iridescent, it ’ sulfur decidedly excessively plumed of a color and wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel comfortable wearing it with my pale skin and brunet hair. I could see blondes, or dark skinned women wearing this.

Ah the best of the best. Rouge Volupté in 31 and 32. A pink and coral, perfect jazz band. YSL Rouge Volupte 31 32
The tap is so easy to wear, and I love the pantry consistency on my lips. It ’ s a wow-ing lipstick, but you can wholly pull it off for an every sidereal day look. The coral on the other hand, I ’ ll military reserve for bounce and summer when I have more colour to my confront. YSL Rouge Volupte 31 32 swatches
 What do you think of the YSL spring collection? Anything peek your interest?

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